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He’s done it again folks! It took FOREVER, but I’d say it was worth it. I’m giving him Sona next as a nice break, and he’s not allowed to draw in photoshop anymore because he gets too perfectionist.

The description we used was:

“He is a centaur (4 horse legs with human torso/arms) but made out of a ghostly blue/grey set of metal armor. It is legitimately floating armor, but with ghostly neon blue flames to represent his skin under the armor. The shoulder plates for his horse legs are metallic skulls. And on the top of his head he has a large blade that ends in a point in the back ( somewhat similar to an ice skate ) and lastly he has a large metal spear that he carries in his human hands.”


Our artist had this to say:

"When I began to plan my work on Hecarim and form an idea from the description it seemed like he(?) was a lich like skeleton fire warrior centaur. So as I began I set out my research looking for centaur skeletons, dark knights (thanks for making that hard Batman), fire creatures such as the elementals in Lorwyn, horses, and various type of armor. I ended up with a good amount of references before I started, and had an entirely different drawing fairly well plotted out, and the coloring began. I then packed to leave for work and subsequently hadn’t saved photoshop. I was for lack of any other fitting words livid about that.

My second attempt is the drawing here, and it came out fairly well and the metals only looked better as I went on. I started out with the skull and helmet which have the least amount of contrast causing them to look more faded. The next step was the chest plate that is more shiny looking since I tried to compensate for how faded the helmet looked. Next I worked on the Left Gauntlet, and shoulder pieces which start to really express the right light/dark contrast needed to really express what metal is supposed to look like. The final parts were the Halberd, front and back armor, and the right gauntlet which are fully realized in the right mixture of light and dark for metals, and I think really stand out.

This was a lot of fun to draw, but got really tiresome at the end. I hope you like it, and it’s at least close

I’d say that’s pretty damn close. If you’d like to take a look at the reference pictures he was talking about, check out the video in the last post.

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