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Aside from the color, I think he got the second one pretty close!

On drawing these two, our artist had this to say: “I read the two descriptions and didn’t know if I was supposed to do two or one, so I drew 2 of them.

One was more rat army looking, while the other drawing seemed to be described more as cute. My biggest issue was misreading the word black somewhere, and convincing myself he had black fur. After I was shown the Champ I was kicking myself in the head because I had originally thought to make his fur white and light brown, like most hamsters. Eh Can’t win them all right?”


"Teemo - a small furry creature with piercing red eyes. His mouth is full of sharp jagged teeth and they’re almost always dropping in blood. He has a round green hat on with goggles on the brim. He carries a blowdart and shoots people with darts filled with poison. When he kills his victims, he stands over their already festering poisoned corpses and cackles maniacally."


"Tiny blonde bipedal anthropomorphic hamster with a green safari cap containing goggles and a blue tuft at the top. Wields a blowgun. Bag on back full of maps rolled up. Red mane type thing around neck. Also has a telescope hanging from his neck. Most importantly - ALWAYS HAS A SMUG ASS FACE WHEN HE MURDERS YOU VICIOUSLY.”


NEXT UP: Hecarim

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